Tony Ingarfield Forgework

Blacksmithing is a craft that has been practiced for thousands of years. The creation of functional items from ferrous and non-ferrous materials has been honed by craftsmen throughout the ages. These artisans sought to show their skill with hammer and hand by producing decorative but functional items. The decoration of these practical items and indeed where the decoration becomes part of the items structure and function were proof of the blacksmiths skill and ingenuity of making and design. In learning from examples of the craft I aspire to produce pieces of ironwork for use in the modern age which exemplify the virtues of the blacksmiths craft, by taking a pride in work produced by hand, designed specifically for the individual client.

Tony Ingarfield FWCB Forgework

Bringsty Forge

Bringsty, Herefordshire 


Tel: 01885 489180

Mob: 07780668031

Traditionally Made Bespoke Ironwork

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